So you want to raise your credit scores..  Great, here are some really great tips on how to increase y our score by up to 100 points in 30 days!  And it's totally free!  Why, because we do care about helping folks, even if it means zero profit for us.  We want everyone to enjoy Everlasting Credit Repair, regardless if you are a paid client or not.

Step 1

First thing you will want to do is order your credit reports.  You can order all three bureaus and scores for only $1.00. Click Here (A new window will open for IdentityIQ) We always recommend knowing your credit scores before beginning, so you can monitor your credit scores.  We also advise any one who will be working on their credit to not use Credit Karma and or Credit Sesame, these FREE Scores aren't FICO scores, and are useless for the purpose of obtaining loans, and such. Lenders do not use Vantage Scores which is what these FREE scores are. Less than 1% of lenders across the Globe use Vantage Scores. He advise you to keep your credit monitoring membership active with IdentityIQ while you are working on your credit. 

Step 2

Now that you have your credit report, look at the list of inquiries.  Did  you know that inquiries stay on your credit report for 2 years?  Credit Inquiries can also drop your credit scores, up to 8 points per inquiry.  You are going to highlight every inquiry that:

  1. You do not recognize.
  2. You didn't authorize.
  3. You did not initiate.

Once you have highlighted all the inquiries that fit into one of the categories above, you will call each Credit Bureau.

Experian:       1-800-509-8495 

Equifax:         1-866-349-5186

Trans Union:  1-800-916-8800

When you get a live person on the phone with each of the credit bureaus, you will be asked for identifying information, like your name, social security number, date of birth, etc.. 

You will say "I noticed many inquiries on my credit reports, that I did not authorize and I would like them deleted, I think they may be fraudulent inquiries." It is imperative you use these exact words or your inquiries will not be deleted.  The bureaus will place a 3 month Fraud Alert on your credit reports, which you can later call back to have removed once the inquiries you disputed have been deleted. 

Step 3

Revolving tradelines (aka credit cards) are very important to your credit score.  Revolving credit makes up to 65% of your credit score.  Without any open and revolving credit cards you are missing out on 65% of the potential of your what your credit score could be.  So how do we fix this problem, EASY... Open not 1, but 2 secured credit cards from our list of preferred credit card vendors, Click Here.  Why our list? Because these cards will report as open and unsecured credit cards, in short your credit score will thank you once you have opened 2 cards. Just watch your score grow.  We never advise you to open a credit card with the same bank you hold your money in.  You just never want to co-mingle funds. Heaven forbid you cannot pay your credit card and or overdraft your bank account, the bank will take it upon themselves to take money from your bank account to pay your credit card,or use available funds from your credit card to bring your bank account current. Also be aware that a secured deposit account (as may be offered by your bank) will not help improve your credit scores.  Once you receive your credit cards do not use more than 22% of your credit line. 

Credit Line X .22= $ (this is the dollar amount you do not want to exceed on your credit cards) This formula is your utilization rate, and you always, always, always, want to keep all your credit card utilization at 22% or less.  Those with 800 credit scores keep their credit card utilization at 7%. (Credit Line X 0.07= $.

Step 4

After you have done steps 1-3, you will receive updated credit reports in the mail within 30 days.  You will see the deleted inquiries, listed as deleted, and the 2 new credit cards should be showing up on all of your credit reports by now as well.  If your inquiries have been deleted and you did apply and receive the 2 new cards, go to IdentityIQ and refresh your credit reports, and you should have at a minimum a 100 point increase in your scores.

If you'd like more DIY Credit Repair, we offer a DIY Book with Step by Step instructions for only $30.00.

Click Here (a new window will open GumRoad) to order your own DIY Credit Repair, which includes letters, and how to dispute certain accounts with results. 

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